Growing Pains: Sewing Machine to Serger

growing pains: sewing machine to serger retro modern kidsLike many people who sew, I have a serger. Technically, it’s a serger, coverlock, overlock combo machine (the Janome 1200D). Why serge? I’m making clothing to sell, and it’s got to have a professional look and feel. Take a look at the inside of any professionally made garment. See how the seams are “sealed” with multiple threads? See how stretchy, lycra-type garments (leggings, bike shorts, etc.) stretch, then return to form, with no snapping threads? Those are serged seams. I bought my serger nearly a year ago, and I only started using it this week! For so long, I was intimidated by it’s prowess: five thread capability, a multitude of stitches, two cutting blades, and who knows how many working parts. See? janome 1200d close up

So I’ve been suffering some growing pains. After 25 years of sewing on a regular, old spool and bobbin machine, the serger is giving me a chance to practice patience and humility. Things I’ve done on my regular machine for personal use (zig-zag seam cheats and general manual manipulation) don’t translate to serger sewing. See the photo heading this post. I was sewing up some “jeggings” using stretch denim and a knit. Some of the seams look great, but some parts look absolutely terrible… at least not good enough to put the Retro Modern Kids label on. I need more practice.

Will this delay my October launch date? No. But I do know, the first piece will not be the denim/knit combo pants. Those will likely take a little more practice to perfect. I do love the colors, and the challenge, though!


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