Coming Soon: the Gathering Skirt, with Pockets

girl putting leaves into pocket Retro Modern Kids clothes midi gathering skirt
Most skirts for children are on the short side, and almost always above the knee. All the better to skip rope in, if that’s your thing. But G doesn’t like short skirts. Like a lot of girls her age, she wants long, twirly, ball-gown style skirts and dresses. But much of childhood is not compatible with floor-length skirts and dresses: mud, teeter totters, swings…

The Retro Modern Kids “Gathering Skirt” is perfect for fall hikes and treasure hunts, for storing seashells, chestnuts, leaves, rocks, and/or any other goodies. It has two deep, reinforced pockets for carrying treasure, and two full skirt layers to allow for comfort and coverage when bending, climbing, twirling, or sitting on damp ground. It’s twirly and a little “fancy,” but not at all fussy. It is built to last, with extra length and an elastic waistband so your little forager can get a few seasons of wear out of it.girl bending to collect leaves fall Retro Modern Kids clothes midi gathering skirt
The skirt you see here is made with a lightweight denim that has a touch of “fancy” sheen to it. The red underlayer is 100% cotton, as are the pockets. The pop of color on the pockets is a fabric by my favorite designer Anna Maria Horner.  Ms. Horner is one of the greats in my opinion,  so you’ll probably see quite a bit of her fabrics showing up in my designs. 

The final version of the Gathering Skirt will be available for custom order in October 2014. There will be two or three different color and fabric options.  100% machine washable and dryer friendly. I love designing and sewing skirts, and can’t wait to see your littles gathering their own collections in this skirt soon! **UPDATE** The Gathering Skirt will be available in two palettes, one warm, one cool. Read more here.

warm cool palettes for gathering skirt by retro modern kids


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