Picky with Palettes, or, Thanks Crayola

retro modern kids gathering skirt pick your palette corduroy gray camel warm cool anna maria horner raindrops on poppiesFirst I need to take a moment to relay how thrilled I am that people like my Gathering Skirt. Really, I did not intend to have so much interest in this first piece. I am grateful for my friends who passed my site on to their friends, and, well, I feel like, this is it! I’m doing this. Thank you, friends. Thank you.

The denim in the original skirt is actually a linen and denim blend that I brought with me when I moved from California to Sweden. I only have enough left for one more skirt. So, yesterday¬†I hopped on the bus and rode to the local fabric shop. ¬†It’s actually out of the city center, ¬†but it is worth the ride. The denim I found is¬†too rugged for any ruffles or pleats, and the chambray I was directed to just doesn’t¬†have the feel or look I am going for. I guess it’s time to admit, I am very, very particular about the materials I work with. So after a late Friday night of playing with ideas, and a nice overcast morning light to inspire me, I have come up with two gorgeous Autumn palettes (one warm, one cool) for the Gathering Skirt.



If you’re interested in ordering a skirt, or know someone who might be interested, check¬†out the post from earlier this week. If you already know you want one you can pre-order here.

Sometimes I think I owe the color¬†quirk to Crayola’s “Big Box” of crayons (you know, the one with the sharpener attached to the box? Maybe I’m dating myself…). I could tell you the difference between “Cornflower Blue” and “Slate” at a very young age. Some people see red. I see a warm red with a hint of sheen. Or a blue red. And wait, the drape here is nice but it isn’t machine washable. Oh this will work (rubbing the fabric between my fingers), but wait, no, the grain is too textured. Or nubby. Or this green just doesn’t look like the right shade of bottle-green. It’s more of a bottle-blue. The texture quirk was definitely developed in childhood. I could not stand itchy fabrics or tags. Who can really?

Thanks for embarking on this colorful journey of texture, wear, and stylish kids fashion with me. And thank you to those who have nudged and supported me to hop on the bus. You know who you are.


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