A-line or Full Skirts? Dual or Kangaroo Pockets? Why not do them all?


Forgive me for the washed-out iPhone photos, but I wanted to share and haven’t been investing any time in photos. Right now it’s all about the clothes!

I’m testing and re-testing the Gathering Skirt. The corduroy and cotton I’ve purchased in Sweden is sturdy and holds up (yay!), and it is so easy to care for. Most of my designs are intended to be “wash and wear,” (also, play and get dirty in) so I’m pleased with the result. I’m testing a few different waistbands as well.

The original Gathering Skirt (right) is a full-skirt, with two big pockets on the front. My daughter loves to twirl and whirl in the full skirt, and it looks oh-so-princess-y. I had been marinating on the idea of a more sleek, stream-lined version while riding a crowded tram, when a little bit of G’s original Gathering Skirt got squished under the rear-end of the unsuspecting (and thankfully, very good-humored) stranger. As soon as we got home I began sketching an A-line Commuter Gathering Skirt (left).

The more narrow profile of the Commuter Gathering Skirt was overwhelmed by the two gathering pockets, so I played around a bit with the design, and settled on a nice, big, double-fisted kangaroo pocket. Again in a genius print from Anna Maria Horner’s “Field Study” line.

So I’ve been sewing and sewing, and having G wear the skirts out and about, to school (dagis), hiking, to the playground, on the tram, etc. She has been stuffing the pockets with leaves, dandelions, chestnuts, and just about everything else. I am confident both designs will be ready for sale in October, in sizes 2T – 10, as well as custom sizes for a little bit more.

Oh, and another development, I am working with a few new colors and prints as well. Stay tuned!

Right now you can pre-order the Gathering Skirt OR the Commuter Gathering Skirt by visit this page and fill out the form. Or, you can always contact me directly via email at retromodernkids (at) gmail (dot) com. 



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