The Buzz of Newness and Gratitude


I am giddy with the buzz of newness and gratitude. As I write from the parent waiting area at a dance studio, my “shy” girl is dancing her toes off in the other room. Earlier today I had lunch with my new friend, got a phone call regarding a lead on a new apartment, and Retro Modern Kids clothing labels arrived in the post.

The labels arrived just in time, too. This weekend, on a whim, I opened the Retro Modern Kids webshop for testing. I was hoping for a big enough sample size to determine whether the webshop will work as is, or whether I need to keep looking for an online “home” for the shop. I had an idea of how many transactions I wanted to see during this testing phase, and I am thrilled that I met my “testing” goal in 48 hours. I would never have been able to do this if it weren’t for my friends, and their friends. Here I am, overseas, and thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram (today’s version of “word of mouth” I suppose), there will be quite a few little girls in their own Gathering Skirts in about a month!

I love that I can share my passion for form, color, handicraft, and fashion with kids all over the world. I’ve been daydreaming today, while cutting fabric for pockets, gushing about plans with my new friend at lunch, sketching some ideas for unisex as well as boys and girls garments over coffee…

Thank you, friends. I can’t wait to hear how your girls like the skirts!




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