Bags are Packed, We’re Moving!

IMG_2144.JPGWe’re moving! Fret not, Retro Modern Kids will still operate per usual, although, the sewing machines and serger are packed up for the week. I had to put them away… there was a lot of sewing going on, and not a lot of packing. We have been in Sweden for one year, and have found a very modern Scandinavian flat that will be a great space for living and creating in. Once I get things set up I may just share a photo of my studio space.

Due to the move (and all of the related packing, errands, unpacking, and organizing), there may be a little wait for the few pieces I have in the works, including some unisex, and also some very girlie, Star Wars styles. I would like to have one or two things to offer in November for holiday gifting. If you have any particular colors you like for your holiday duds, let me know. I’ve already gotten one suggestion of gray and purple, and another for black and white.

The photos and feedback from customers who bought the Gathering Skirt and Commuter Gathering Skirt in the pre-sale are rolling in, and the positivity and cuteness is overwhelming! It really has given me the boost I needed to plow through “the move” and get back to sewing! Take a gander at the RMK Facebook page and Instagram feed. So cute!


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