Mod Pinafore Pre-sale!


Here it is – ready for pre-sale, the Mod Pinafore! This sweet jumper is a tunic/dress/top hybrid. The Mod Pinafore is made with 100% cotton baby corduroy, with a woven cotton bodice lining. It is a great layering piece that adds the gentle warmth of natural fibers. Built for playing, this pinafore is the perfect top for girls who want to look girlie but also want to be on the playground. Pair with leggings or baggy pants, jeans or cords. It can be layered with a regular old tee-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, or on warmer California style days, worn alone with just pants. The Mod Pinafore is available in sizes newborn to little girls size 10!

The Mod Pinafore is available in three color combinations:
Vivid Purple, with Red bodice lining and Red buttons


Gray, with Lilac bodice lining and and Bright Olive buttons


Bottle Green, with Red bodice lining and Bright Olive buttons


The reason I am doing pre-sales is to gauge interest and so I can buy the appropriate materials. At this point I don’t have the space to have inventory sitting around (nor do I have the capital to do so at this time) so I will begin producing the pinafores as the orders come in. Items sold in the pre-sale will ship within 15 business days, and if you order your Mod Pinafore by November 10, you can have your pinafore by December 24.

See more about sizes and prices on at


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